Our Story

9 years ago Matt and I got married and chased the typical American dream by buying our first house together in the 4th snobbiest town in America (we didn’t know that at the time ). We were both working full time and our kids were going to daycare full time. We never saw each other except on weekends which were mostly filled with appointments and laundry for the next crazy week. When I became pregnant with our third child we realized we were going to spend more in daycare than I made. So we took a long hard look at our life-ok maybe more like 3 months-found a house that was $100,000 less than the one we currently owned, sold our home, and moved to a remote home in a little town in Michigan called Mattawan.

When we moved to this quaint town I didn’t know how to pronounce it, let alone, anything about it. We just jumped in head first. We did know that it had a great school system and we have loved raising our kids here.

This spring we bought an RV, a 26 foot Springdale, nothing fancy, but it has changed our lives. Again we feel that pull to make a big change, jump in head first, and see where the wind takes us. We’ve spent every free weekend camping in Michigan and Indiana. And we’ve realized we are our BEST SELVES when we are in our RV together. It sounds so cliche so but it is true; once you let go of your beliefs about how your life HAS to be, and embrace the life you are meant to live….amazing things start to happen. It can be hard and scary to let go of the hustle, but when you do- waiting for you is santosha -true inner contentment.  Following our Santosha is what our life is about. And if yours is too, stick around, and we can enjoy this beautiful journey together.

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