Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

During our impromptu road trip down south we stopped at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and spent an entire day exploring the 4 different floors packed with hands on exhibits for kids. You know you are getting close when you round a corner to see this big guy! They really get the kids excited with these dinosaurs trying to get in the building. IMG_9695.jpg

There is a free parking garage that has a covered bridge into the museum, making it very convenient to park. And you’ll even get to see more dinosaurs as you walk inside. So fun!

IMG_9700The very first thing you see as you walk inside the main lobby is Bumblebee. My kids were thrilled to stare at him while we waited in line. It’s no Disney World line but it’s still pretty long so its nice that they provide entertainment in that area. The price was a bit high but you can get coupons on their website if you plan ahead, which we obviously had not done. So be sure to check the site ahead of time. IMG_9705-2

If you homeschool this is a great learning resource. We “homeschool” our two little ones so we really appreciated all the culture weaved into the fun here. The China exhibit was a great experience. My oldest loved learning how to write words in Chinese and my youngest enjoyed playing in the Dim Sum Restaurant complete with woks, fake food, and tables for them to serve their customers (parents).

We also really enjoyed the dinosaur section and the kids spent the most time in the dinosaur dig. It is a little bit hidden in a back corner but totally worth squeezing into a cramped space with way too many other parents to see your kid’s eyes light up as they put on their goggles, grab their paintbrushes and get to work. img_97331.jpg

We went on the last weekend of Spring Break and it was pretty packed. I would definitely recommend getting there during the week if at all possible. I won’t spoil the entire adventure for you, but wanted to point out some things that could easily be missed since there is SO much to see in one day. They also have an outdoor sports area which we did not go to since it was a little crowded, but that looked fun as well.

So, if you have kids and make it to the Indianapolis area, the children’s museum is a MUST SEE. Have you been to this museum? If so, what was your favorite part?




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