My Morning Routine

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Good Morning Lovely Friends,

I’m sharing my morning routine with you all because since starting this routine a year and a half ago, I’ve been able to find a clarity of purpose like I’ve never had before, lost weight, and have just been an all around happier and calmer momma and wife. My 3 kids get up at about 7am. I used to try to sleep as long as I could and then as soon as they woke up I’d feel like I was already behind. So, I started getting up an hour earlier every day. And when everyone is healthy and I’m getting enough sleep I get up an hour and a half earlier than them. This gives me time to center myself and get some work done before starting the morning caring for them. Fill your own cup first 😉

As soon as I get out of bed I turn on my meditation app (for which ones I use, read on here) and listen to the lesson of the day while I make our coffee. I continue listening to Deepak Chopra or another spiritual teacher as I get on my yoga mat and do some easy stretching like child’s pose and cat/cow’s to get my blood flowing. By now it is about 6:15 and it is time to meditate so I take a seat in my meditation chair and meditate for 15 minutes. Once I’m centered, connected to my true self, I come to my desk and prepare my to do list and start working. I get at least 30 minutes of work in before I start the day and that helps me accomplish my top 1 or 2 priorities for the day.

Back in March of this year I started using my World Changer Planner that I created because I couldn’t find a planner that contained everything I wanted. It has a space for gratitude, a to do list, free writing ideas, and 3 daily action items that need to be accomplished. This has helped me to prioritize what I get done in a day and not take on too much. Being present for my kids, homeschooling my little ones, and supporting my husband are my core values; but I also have dreams and goals I want to accomplish as well. This morning time helps me get a jump on them.

I wanted to share this quote from Tim Ferris, one of my favorite authors, that he found after having 140 people at the top of their fields answer the same 11 questions while doing research for an upcoming book:

“Despite the fact that these are people from tennis to surfing to cryptocurrency to fill-in-the-blank, like any field you can possibly imagine — some type of morning mindfulness or meditation practice would span I’d say 90% of the respondents.”

He goes on to say that meditation has a branding problem and we think of people swinging dreamcatchers around but explains that meditation is really about “decreasing emotional reactivity so you can proactively create your day and create your life; versus just being a walking reflex that sometimes screws up”

I love that. That is exactly what mindfulness has done for me. What is your morning routine? I’d love to hear about yours!

Purposefully Yours,


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