Spilled Milk and Brain Scientists

Sometimes flow with family looks like running out of the house as soon as hubby is awake on a Saturday morning to go to the gym just to be alone, because all the kids are whining for treats and my daughter dumped her cereal on the table and is rubbing her hands in it. This is a pretty typical morning but what was different was my response. See, I’m an introvert in a house full of extroverts so it can often feel like I’m the ringmaster in a circus and all the animals have escaped from their cages.

I used to try to control the chaos from this place of agitation. Now I’ve learned to get happy, fill my cup as much as possible, and then I can give everyone the attention they need when I get home. I used to think self care was a girl’s night out once a month. But I’ve realized as an introvert, even time with friends, as much as I love it, can drain my energy. I have found quiet activities that I can do to center myself like meditating, taking baths, reading books, and going to the gym.

So, I got on the treadmill and ran my agitation out and listened to my favorite podcast, Super Soul Conversations. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, was on the show and she was telling her story of how she witnessed her stroke from her right-brain (the flowy, intuitive side) while her left-brain was bleeding so much that she lost her thinking brain for quite a while. It was a fascinating story of resilience, that reminded me just how magnificent it is that I am alive right here in this moment and all of my cells are functioning in unison so I can be me. And it made me realize that in this fast-paced, not enough society we live in, we don’t slow down enough to appreciate just how miraculous it is that we are here in this moment. That hubby and I created three precious human beings out of nothing, I mean how amazing is that? Our lives are so precious, and sometimes it takes a little spilled milk to remember that.

Then I took action from this place of love and appreciation and we had a flowy day together; went to a children’s museum and zoo lights at the Lansing Potter Park Zoo. That never would’ve happened if I tried to force a fun day from the place of agitation I was in. Raise your vibration and flow will follow.



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