Volunteering Together in our Hometown

Yesterday we volunteered at our local food pantry, Mattawan Food Pantry. We’ve done this every summer for 3 years now. We are so comfortable helping out here because the ladies that run it are so sweet to the kids.

IMG_9727They give the kids jobs so they really feel included. It’s a lot of stocking shelves and breaking big bags of food into small baggies to prepare everything for the free shopping day on Saturday. Young kids aren’t allowed on Saturdays, so we haven’t been able to take part in that yet. It was really neat to see the Feeding America truck drop off the food for the week, especially since we raised funds for them through Ubuntu Goods last year!

FullSizeRender-137We really enjoyed it, although my poor B got stung by a bee! He was fine, luckily.

IMG_9735It was a really great experience, and we can’t wait to volunteer along the way as we find family friendly volunteer opportunities during our travels.



2 thoughts on “Volunteering Together in our Hometown

  1. stephmya says:

    Love this!! What a great way to spend time together as a family and teach your kids important values. Keeping this in my back pocket for when my little one is older!


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