10 (Screen-free) Things To Do with Your Kids Before Summer Ends

Are you feeling the end of summer creeping closer and closer? I sure am! We’ve had such a blast already this summer that I’m getting anxious about it ending and going back to the daily routine. So, I’m compiling my bucket list of things to do during the rest of this summer with my kids:

  1. Volunteer Together: this is such a bonding experience. I love watching my kids step up and grow confidence in their abilities when they are given a task to do.
  2. Take a tour: before we travel I always check wikitravel.com for educational experiences that we can share with the kids. This was an educational tour we did at Bonneyville Mill County Park after a hike.FullSizeRender-1343. Take a bike ride together in a new place. This is so much fun because you get to see new sites AND exercise together.
  3. Catch fireflies. I remember doing this as a kid, its one of those memories that doesn’t leave you. And now I feel so lucky to be able to catch them with my kids.IMG_8526
  4. Visit a local zoo: When we travel I always look to see if there is a local zoo. My kids love zoos and seeing all the different zoos across the country never gets old. The smaller the zoo, the more up close and personal you can usually get with the animals.
  5. Go fruit picking: Figure out what fruit is in season right now by you (in Southwest Michigan it is blueberries) and go picking! You can freeze the extras to eat in the winter.
  6. Run through the sprinkler and play in the mud: I think one of our kid’s favorite days this summer was when we got the hose out and let that play in the yard for the entire afternoon. They ended up digging a dirt and panning for gold. It’s funny the things they’ll come up with when they’re a little bit bored. 🙂
  7. Go Camping! Of course I had to include this one because it is our absolute favorite thing in the world to do as a family. We started camping in a tent last year (not super fun with a 1 year old, but can be done!) Then upgraded to the RV this year. It allows us to have quality time and explore the beauty all around us at a very low cost.FullSizeRender-130.jpg
  8. Make slime: This is a big hit in all the craft stores right now but doesn’t have to be too expensive. We found a recipe on Pinterest and enjoyed making it with Grandma.
  9. Build a treehouse: This one is still on our bucket list because it’s just so much work! But we still hope to get this going this summer. We’ve checked a few books out of the library and bought a circular saw at a garage sale so this is happening soon-pics to follow.

We hope you get out and enjoy the rest of your summer. If so, drop us a pic and tag #ubuntufamilyadventure on Instagram. We love to re-post other family’s adventures!

Happy Travels,

April and the Wagner Clan


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