A Life Changing Book Review

I just finished reading Jonathon Field’s, How to Live a Good Life, and boy did it impact mine. Most self help books are too hypothetical, but this book was filled with action items that you can implement right away.thou-shalt-do-epic-shit

He splits the book up into 3 buckets; vitality, connection and contribution. He then gives actions that you can take right away to start filling up your buckets. I have already started a few of them and here is what I’ve committed to so far in 2017:

Vitality: I started drinking a green smoothie every day. It gives me a boost of nutrition around lunch time when I usually don’t want to use my precious nap time freedom to make myself lunch.  I have also started dancing every day. Most often in my kitchen with my kids around dinner time. We crank up the Kids Bop and go crazy. I love it. He suggests that dancing daily will open you up to other creative avenues.

Connection: I started doing yoga again. It’s just once a week at the gym, but it helps me to become more connected with my inner self and not just my mommy and entrepreneur selves, which are constantly vying for my attention.

Contribution: “Thou shalt do epic shit that actually matters” was my absolute favorite quote from the book. But I also loved how he explained that “epic shit” doesn’t have to be the huge, radical, changes and actions like we think; it can also be simple actions that create ripples across the world. When I first started my business I was in such a hurry. I needed to make an impact and leave a legacy RIGHT NOW. I look back at myself then all stressed out and staying up all hours of the night, and think, what was the hurry? Yes, I want to make a big impact on the world with my business and change as many lives for the better as I can. But I also want to sit and listen to my son read the comic book he worked really hard on at school that day. I also want to be there to celebrate my
preschooler’s birthday at school with his class and be able to cuddle my daughter when she wakes up cranky from her nap every day until she’s ready to go play.

Building my business is extremely fulfilling for me, so sometimes its hard to pull myself away from it when I’m right in the middle of the perfect blogthe-ones-who-are-crazy-enough-to-think-theycan-change-the-worldare-the-ones-who-do post or graphic-but I remind myself that I’m working to stay home with my kids, not the other way around.

Another great quote from How to Live a Good Life, was”Think about making meaning and money on the scale that supports your good life”. YES. This. This perfectly articulates how I feel about being a Mompreneur. So, how do we do that? One way to grow your income and impact is to minimize complexity. The simpler your business model, the better. In 2017 I’ve scaled down the different products we offer from each vendor to a high end model and a low end model. This allows me to keep more inventory of the products we do carry on-hand and makes keeping track of inventory so much simpler. The less time I have to spend working on inventory, the more time I can spend making an impact in the world. Inventory is not what sets my soul on fire. Sure, it’s a necessary part of owning a retail business. But finding creative ways to help and give back to others is what ignites my soul, so the more I can do of that in 2017, the happier I’ll be and the bigger impact I will make.

Have you read How to Live a Good Life? If so, what did you think? What are you doing to simplify your business in 2017 that will help you grow your income and impact? I’d love to hear about it!




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