Take Back Your Day

I would literally spend every minute of every day getting my kids juice, if they had their way. I learned after the birth of my second child that being a Stay-at-Home-Mom didn’t mean catering to my child’s every need. So I took back my day. I have a lock on the snack cupboard and they get juice/water breaks with meals and at snack time. My children no longer regulate my time, I do, and its AMAZING.youre-invited-to-our

One moment I’m negotiating with the founder of a fair trade company in India, and receiving the most eloquent business advice; and the next I’m wiping vomit off the bathroom wall. This mompreneur gig is all about balance. If you can master balancing motherhood with running a business, you’ve got the best of both worlds. But how do we maintain a healthy balance in our business and our home long-term?

Here are just a few quick tips that I’ve acquired over the years:

  1. Nap time is golden. Protect it with YOUR LIFE. I get a 1-2 hour break every day when my daughter who is 2 naps and my 3 year old has quiet time or naps in his room. This is when I make all my phone calls and do anything that requires absolute concentration.
  2. Get up at 6am. I know you left your day job to not have to get up this early, but if you can and it’s feasible for you, do it. I love working early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping. There’s nothing like starting the day with actually getting a shower and 3 or 4 things checked off your To Do list.
  3. Prioritize To Do Lists: Have 3 or 4 Must Do’s that are business related and get them done that day. Have a Stretch To Do List for anything that doesn’t directly relate to your mission statement and is not urgent.-Lindsay Smith, Director of Operations, Ubuntu Goods, LLC.
  4. Meal Plan for healthy eating. Having healthy pre-made meals really helps when you are a WAHM. I have a great green smoothie recipe HERE that will help you get a jump on your day.
  5. Delegate. Get your partner involved in the business or watching the kids while you work. Lean on grandma or a friend when you need a last minute sitter. You can’t be everywhere all the time. Find a partner to share the workload, we’ll talk more about this in posts to come.
  6. Be flexible. Routines and responsibilities  go out the window when your toddler decides to crawl out of their crib ALL NIGHT LONG or your second grader is home sick with the flu. I remind myself often that I’m not running an ambulance business and no one will die if they don’t receive their order today. Take a day off, that’s the beautiful part of entrepenuership.
  7. Focus on your mission. I may or may not have an actual written business plan but I have had a mission in place since day 1 and I have ways that I’m going about accomplishing it. If you don’t have one, don’t fret, we’ll talk more about finding your mission soon.
  8. Learn to laugh at your kids and yourself. We are all just figuring this parenting thing out. No two kids are the same. There are great books and resources out there but only you know what is best for your kids. We can only embrace and enjoy the imperfect life we are living with these beautiful tiny humans, one day at a time.img_6482-2I mean come on, how can you not laugh at this ridiculousness? 🙂


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